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Lunch Seminar Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Previous talks since 2002: Archive
SoSe 19

Dieter Braun, Chase Broedersz, Erwin Frey, Hermann Gaub, Tim Liedl, Jan Lipfert, Joachim Rädler
Each Tuesday at 12:15, Kleiner Physiksaal N020

April 23 N.N.
April 30 N.N.
May 7 Henrik Flyvbjerg (Technical University of Denmark, Dep. of Health Technology)                                                                      Contributions of glycocalyx, endothelium, and perivascular compartment to the blood-brain barrier
May 14 N.N.
May 21 N.N.
May 28 N.N.
June 4 N.N.
June 11 N.N.
June 18 N.N.
June 25 N.N.
July 2 S. Münster (MPI-PKS Dresden) TBA
July 9 N.N.
July 16 N.N.
July 23 N.N.