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Lunch Seminar Soft Matter and Biological Physics

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WiSe 18/19

Dieter Braun, Chase Broedersz, Erwin Frey, Hermann Gaub, Tim Liedl, Jan Lipfert, Joachim Rädler
Each Tuesday at 12:15, Kleiner Physiksaal N020

Oct 16 Karin Moelling  Origin of life - from earth to planets
Oct 23

Prof. Markus Bär,

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin

Modelling Intracellular Pattern Formation:

From Membrane Domains to Mechanochemical Waves

Oct 30 N.N.
Nov 6 N.N.                                                                      
Nov 13 Prof. Tuomas Knowles (Cambridge University Biophysics of protein aggregation
Nov 20 Prof. Martin Howard Epigenetics
Nov 27 Ralf Metzler (Universitaet Potsdam) Spatiotemporal stochasticity in genetic regulation
Dec 4 Prof. A. Kolomeisky (Rice University, Houston, USA) How to Understand Mechanism of Protein Search for Targets on DNA
Dec 11 Stefan Salentinig ( Empa) Self-assembly during Digestion and Implications for Antimicrobial Nanomaterials
Dec 18 Aurélie Dupont (Université Grenoble Alpes) Signal processing at the single cell scale
Magneto-active substrates and FRET biosensors
Jan 8 Uwe Thiele (Uni Münster) The long and winding path to statistical models for large ensembles of sliding drops
Jan 15 N.N. tba
Jan 22 N.N.
Jan 29 Prof. Andrew Goryachev (University Edinburgh) tba
Feb 5 Prof. Dr. Katharina Maniura (Head Biointerfaces, Empa in St. Gallen) tba