Soft Condensed Matter Group

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Lunch Seminar Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Previous talks since 2002: Archive
SoSe 19

Dieter Braun, Chase Broedersz, Erwin Frey, Hermann Gaub, Tim Liedl, Jan Lipfert, Joachim Rädler
Each Tuesday at 12:15, Kleiner Physiksaal N020


May 21 Gloria Angelica Sandoval Pérez and Prof. Camilo Aponte-Santamaría(University de los Andes, Columbia) "Specific Binding Site of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) Binds Unspecific Sites of DNA"  and "Deciphering key biomolecular interactions in the blood through
particle-based dynamics simulations"
May 28 N.N.
June 4 M. Galic (Universität Münster) SFB-Sonderseminar: Mechano-chemical self-organization at cellular membranes
June 11 N.N.
June 18 N.N.
June 25 N.N.
July 2 S. Münster (MPI-PKS Dresden) SFB-Sonderseminar: When forces don’t seem to balance
July 9 Dominik Bucher (TUM) Diamond quantum sensors for nano- and microscale NMR-spectroscopy 
July 16 Jörg Renkawitz (LMU)

SFB-Sonderseminar: Cellular Navigation in Complex 3D Microenvironments

July 23
Behnam Amiri (Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Humboldt University) SFB-Sonderseminar: Mathematical modeling of cell motility
WiSe 19/20
Oct 22 Prof. Uwe Täuber (VTech, USA) Stochastic Spatial Predator-Prey Models