Soft Condensed Matter Group

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Lunch Seminar

Sommersemester 2014

Di, 15.04.2014
Tim Salditt
Actin bundles studied by X-ray nano-diffraction

Di, 06.05.2014
Andrej Vilfan (Univerza v Ljubljani)
Energetic efficiency of swimming microorganisms

Di, 20.05.2014
Nicholas V. Hud (Georgia Insitute of Technology, Atlanta)
A self-assembly approach to the origin of RNA

Di, 27.05.2014
Ralf Jungmann (Harvard University)
Pushing the limit: DNA probes for multiplexed super-resolution bioimaging

Di, 03.06.2014
Iain MacPherson (Brandeis University)
Selection of modified aptamers

Di, 10.06.2014
Tobias Reichenbach (UCL London)
Neurophysics of hearing

Di, 17.06.2014
Ingmar Schön (ETH Zürich)
Studying the conformation of biomolecules by localization microscopy

Di, 01.07.2014
Dian-Jang Lee
siRNA nanocarriers with targeting ligand methotrexate

Di, 08.07.2014
Mauricio Pilo-Pais (Duke University)
DNA origami as a template for matter-light interactions

Di, 15.07.2014
Richard Blythe (The University of Edinburgh)
The evolution of combinatorial communication by natural selection

Wintersemester 2014/15

Mo, 06.10.2014
SFB-1032 Vortrag Tobias Schülli (ESRF Grenoble)
X-ray nanobeams as rapid scanning probe: Diffraction imaging in real and reciprocal space

Di, 14.10.2014
Prof. Alessio Zaccone (TUM)
Phenomenological insights into a few unsolved soft & bio problems involving disorder and self-organization

Di, 21.10.2014
Prof. Tobias Bollenbach (IST Austria)
Bacterial responses to antibiotics

Di, 18.11.2014
Prof. Alan McKane Uni Manchester, UK - cancelled
Fast-mode elimination in stochastic metapopulation models

Di, 09.12.2014
Yuri Gerelli (ILL, Grenoble)
Lipid exchange and flip-flop kinetics in solid supported lipid bilayers

Di, 16.12.2014
Dr. Maria Steinke (Fraunhofer IGB)
Iron oxide nanoparticles for regenerative medicine

Di, 13.01.2015
Dr. Anna Melbinger (UCSD)
Stochastic and Deterministic Fitness Contributions in Variable Environments

Di, 20.01.2015
Jörg Schnitzbauer (UCSF)
4Pi microscopy and 3D in vivo tracking