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Infrared Nanoscopy Laboratory

Welcome to the LMU Infrared Nanoscopy Laboratory





Zoom deep into the nanoworld with a fantastic new tool: the near-field microscope based on AFM with its tip illuminated by infrared light. An optical nanofocus is excited at the tip to record optical images at 20 nm resolution, much below the well-known limit set by diffraction. We emphasize the use of infrared illumination because all materials have spectral resonances in the infrared and thus can be chemically identified. Specimens need no stain nor other preparation than polishing.








phone +49 89 2180 1414

Clemens Liewald

Yasin Durmaz

Fabian Geisenhof



  • soft matter physics LMU   J. Rädler, B. Nickel
  • graphene LMU   T. Weitz
  • radiology/ anatomy LMU   S. Milz, T. Geith
  • biominerals LMU   W. Schmahl, E. Griesshaber
  • solid state physics  UC San Diego   D. Basov, Z. Fei
  • Neaspec GmbH, producer of near-field microscopes



Application by a self-directed physicist
to seek his/ her research career on the basis of 20-nm spatial- resolution infrared nanospectroscopy, with the option of 50-fs ultrafast time resolution