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Paulitschke Group

Welcome to the Paulitschke Group: Nanotechnology for High Throughput Screening

PaulitschkeWe are interested in the development of high throughput screening techniques for living cells like human cancer cells or bacteria. In future, these techniques should offer the possibility to rapidly identify different cell types and different drug responses for a better and faster health care development.

One of our research fields is to characterize the interaction between living cells and nanostructures. Therefore we developed a top-down process to fabricate free-standing inverted conical nanowires. These are well defined nano scaled three dimensional objects enabling the possibility to investigate cellular force generation, motility and cellular activity, which play an essential role in immune response, cancer metastasis or tissue healing. Their narrow feet down to 15 nm enable high force sensitivities in the sub-Piconewton regime, whereas their heads with dimensions in the µm range allow for standard optical microscope detection. These sensors with flexible nanowires enable an immediate integration into a sensing array and can be used for advanced biochemical and pharmaceutical cell assays.

Beside the ambitious sensor fabrication, it is challenging to detect the nano scaled sensor structures. For that purpose we periodically pattern the surfaces to enable laser interferometric readout with high statistical significance which is very important in high throughput drug screening analysis with living cells. Further achievements to boost the biocompatibility, the data analysis as well as the detection techniques should help us to validate the innovation potential of our research approach. 

We continuously offer different exciting projects for bachelor-, master and PhD students. If you are interested, please send a request with CV and a short motivation per email to Philipp Paulitschke.