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Live-cell Imaging of Single-Cell Arrays (LISCA)

New Publication from the Rädler Group


Last week a camera team visited our labs to shoot a movie for the latest publication 'Live-cell Imaging of Single-Cell Arrays (LISCA) - a Versatile Technique to Quantify Cellular Kinetics' from Anita Reiser, Daniel Woschée, Simon Kempe and Joachim Rädler which has been published in the jove Journal recently. The paper presents a high-throughput method for the read-out of the time-dependent flourescence signals from individual cells - a technique that can be used to decipher cellular kinetics. Read our article here.

Video coming soon - stay tuned!


(v.l. , Daniel Loher (Kamera), Daniel Woschée, Anita Reiser, Joachim Rädler)