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New Handbook of Lipid Membranes


Check out the new handbook edited by Cyrus Safinya and Joachim Rädler.

This handbook provides a unique overview of lipid membrane fundamentals and applications. The fascinating world of lipids that harbor and govern so many biological functionalities are discussed within the context of membrane structures, interactions, and shape evolution. Beyond the fundamentals in lipid science, this handbook focuses on how scientists are building bioinspired biomimetic systems for applications in medicine, cosmetics, and nanotechnology. More...

Available as hardcover, paperback and ebook.

CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group: Boca Raton, 2021. DOI: 10.1201/9780429194078
ISBN: 978-1-466-55572-3 (hardcover), 978-1-032-01441-8 (paperback), 978-0-429-19407-8 (eBook).