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COVID measures at our chair


Here we summariz the evolution of some of the unusual actions  - small or big - we had to take at our chair to face the COVID-19 situation.

March 3:  We decide to cancel the annual winter school in Antholz, Südtirol.

March 13: Everybody is adviced to work from home office.

March 16: Master and bachelor studends are no longer allowed to come to the office. Planning for the operation of critical lab infrastructure becomes effective. Lab stays open for controlled shutdown of experiements. For almost everybody, this is the last day in office.

March 17/18: While the DPG spring meeting is cancelled, a two-days virtual meeting is streamed with members of our chair involved in planing, presenting, and watching from home

March 17: A virtual post-examn review (Klausuransicht) for the E1 lecture is started with the help of more than 13 tutors working from home office