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Jungmann Group

Welcome to the Jungmann Research Group

We are a group of interdisciplinary researchers interested in the development of novel imaging tools for biological and biomedical applications.

We combine tools from structural and dynamic DNA nanotechnology with single-molecule fluorescence methods, especially targeted towards the development and application of super-resolution microscopy techniques.

Using the unique programmability of DNA molecules, we are working on extending DNA-PAINT to eventually being able to perform highly multiplexed (hundreds of targets), ultra-resolution (<5 nm), and quantitative (integer counting of molecules) imaging of biomolecules (i.e. proteins and nucleic acids) and their interactions.

Our vision is to unravel the location and interplay of a multitude of genes, RNAs, and proteins in a truly quantitative fashion with highest spatial resolution in single cells.

Got interested? Check out our website at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry for more information...

We are also a member lab of the Munich DNA Node.